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Anti-counterfeit Code

Postby FawkYew RTFM » Mon Jul 09, 2012 3:51 pm

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New AK2i kits will contains a 20 digit anti-counterfeit code sticker, found under the holographic sticker on the back side of the AK2i. To expose this sticker, peal away the top sticker carefully. The numbers underneath are printed in groups of 10. The numbers can be entered into Acekard's Website to verify if your card is legit. To do so enter the numbers from right to left, starting on the top row and finishing with the bottom row. If your card is legit then the Website will tell you so.

Cards which have had their code checked multiple times are most likely fake/clone AK2i kits. If you were the first to expose the digits then you purchased a known 1:1 fake AK2i. If you were not the first to reveal the digits then perhaps your card is real, you might want to contact who you bought it from to make sure.

Fake AK2i kits are not supported by AKAIO or Acekard. Fake AK2i kits will not be debugged here and we will not accept bug reports from them. Also fake AK2i kits will never receive warranty support from Acekard.

Older AK2i kits may not have the anti-counterfeit code sticker. To be sure that your card is legit check our Real AK2i thread for more information.

Images are the properly of Another World @ GBAtemp. Thanks for letting us use them!
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