file groups

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file groups

Postby acemaster1993 » Wed Nov 23, 2011 10:29 am

you want to play a game and you need to find it out of a long list of nds files.
being able to make custom groups up to 10, and name them what you want.

select the file press start/config groups and enable or disable groups from that file.

file super mario 64 ds, groups super mario games,nds games and etc

pressing select will pull down a new menu where you can select file view mode and selecting show groups
<-[ file view type ]->
<-[ groups ]->
[ config groups ]

idea of how to use groups

<-[ show all ]->
<-[ homebrew ]->

I hope you get the idea

maybe you have to name it to see it, the first groups you will have will be the homebrew group.
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Re: file groups

Postby FawkYew RTFM » Fri Nov 25, 2011 2:51 pm

its called making a folder/directory to organize your files.

you could also hide files you don't want.
you could add numbers of _ to bring files to the top of the list, etc
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