Moderating Policy Explained

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Moderating Policy Explained

Postby FawkYew RTFM » Thu Dec 09, 2010 12:25 pm

Moderating this board so tightly is not done to anger the end-user. We want to collect all properly debugged bug reports and during that process we attempt to respect all users’ as individuals expressing their opinions, knowledge, and thoughts. However, we will often attack users who ask questions without proper research. Since the creation of this board, many users do not agree with our moderating policies. Those same users, obviously enough, have added nothing to this board. Their bug reports were not fully debugged and thus served no purpose towards making AKAIO better. Their suggestions were for off-topic issues or completely unrelated to making AKAIO better. Such users were duly warned and their posts were removed without discussion. We will never apologize for our moderating policies and in the end this is OUR site to moderate as we see fit. Users who do not like our policies are advised to use Normmatt, Smiths, and the BETA testers frequent and are aware of AKAIO related discussions which go on there. will usually not moderate your posts, opinions, or discussions. is the perfect testing ground for debugging discussions, which when completed can be formatted and posted at

Complete, properly debugged, and correctly formatted bug reports allow the developers of AKAIO to quickly track down issues. The more testing the user does and the more precise the bug report the quicker a problem can be fixed. The quicker problems can be fixed the sooner a new version of AKAIO is released. In our eyes, it really is that simple.

In closing, use this board as an area to post your properly debugged bug reports. In turn we can use this board as a means to collect data to help better AKAIO. We will moderate the board as to enhance the goal of making AKAIO better for everyone.
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before you post:
read the rules thread
read the "before you post" thread
read about how to properly report a bug
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