[BUGFIX] AKAIO 1.8.0 & Wifi Problems

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[BUGFIX] AKAIO 1.8.0 & Wifi Problems

Postby Smiths » Sat Oct 16, 2010 12:56 am

Not that it will solve all problems, but there is a bug with the released version of the 1.8.0 Wifi Plugin

A fixed version has been uploaded to http://www.akaio.net/wifi/ and can be downloaded via AKAIO on your DS.

HOWEVER you need to make sure of one setting before you can download it from your DS

For "Which Cheat DB?" in the options, make sure it says 'AKAIO (yusuo)'.

File to Download should be Wifi Plugin

This will let you grab the latest Wifi Plugin via AKAIO. You only need to do this to get the latest version; going forward it will not matter what the "Which Cheat DB?" value is.


Technical reasons:

The official GBATemp CheatDB came back online right at crunch time for our release window. I quickly readded support for it, but the assholes at GBATemp changed up the version of ZIP they use for the file. The ZIP Header is 1 byte different the defacto standard ZIP header. So, I had tomake a separate header for Official Cheat updates, and I only put 1 check in for it.

AKAIO was saying "Hey, what's the value of 'Which Cheat DB?'" regardless of what you had selected to download in the first place. So, selecting "Wifi Plugin" and having the cheat DB as "Official" meant it was using the new ZIP header. Whoops.

Now it checks what you're downloading as well.
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