The "REAL" AK2i [updated: 2-12-11]

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The "REAL" AK2i [updated: 2-12-11]

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Some information below was copied from The copied info is being re-posted here with the images hosted off site. The information was written by Acekard, but re-typed and re-organized for this site. Use this information as a reference only, we are not responsible for incorrect information. Contact for more information.

"How to distinguish the real AK2 and AK2i"

Image Image Image

These thumbnails are images of the 1st type of AK2i. Noticed the "window" in the shell under the label, this cut out allows the chip to stick up through the shell. This is a design no longer used by Acekard. The chip found on the back of the PCB is an Actel branded chip. The new AK2i has the same flat front (the side with the MSD Slot) as found in the 2nd thumbnail. The new (currently sold) Ackeard 2i no longer has a "window" in the shell and no longer makes use of the Actel chip.


Here is a thumbnail of the back of the new PCB. Notice a small round button where the Actel chip once was.

Image Image

The 1st thumbnails above shows the new and old AK2i cards side by side. This image is of the back of the card, which is the side of the shell covered by the Ak2i sticker label. The second thumbnail shows the front of the PCB, where the MicroSD card is inserted. Notice that both builds of the Ak2i use the 48-pin SST flash chip.

If your Acekard does not match these specs then you could have a clone Acekard 2i.

In conclusion:
1. The chip on the back of the PCB is an "Actel" chip or a little black glue circle (this is very important).
2. The chip on the front side of PCB is a 48-pins "SST" chip.
3. Some batches of the AK2s used other brands of 48-pin chips, but they're all 48 pins.

Remember that the package of the Acekards have changed many times (clam shell, box, etc). Do not use packaging as a guide to finding clones.

Acekard2i BLACK PCB HWID 81
Photos: (captured @ 10MP then cropped)
By: orangpelupa
Please Note: Image 3 shows a custom sticker and not the real Acekard's retail sticker.

Image Image Image Image

Acekard2i BLACK PCB HWID 81 Package
Build: PRE-Hardware update, no orange "DSI" sticker
By: Atashi

Image Image

Acekard2i BLACK PCB HWID 44
Photos: 300px size
By: cannonfoddr

Image Image Image Image

"Be Care Of Clone Carts"

Image Image

The above two thumbnails are images of a fake/clone AK2i. Notice in the first image that the clone card is using the Actel design. This is the old AK2i design, sold by Ackard in 2009. Once sold, this design started out as the various R4 clones and later became the Ak2i clone. Please understand that you can no longer buy a real Acekard 2i with the Actel chip and the "window" in the back of the shell. Any resellers who order these kits new are stocking known clones. One such reseller is RealHotStuff, who has openly said they can not see a difference in the kits. Keep in mind that AKAIO does not support clones and will not work on clones. Also, the larger difference, the fake/clone cards are not covered under the Acekard 1 year warranty.

In the second thumbnail a closer image of the PCB is visible. The original AK2i which used the Actel chip did not use this type of PCB.

Team Acekard would like to remind our users that:
There is an easy way to distinguish a real card from a clone card, using the latest official firmware or AKAIO, the clone kits will be blocked. Acekard would also like to remind our users that they offer a one year warranty for all real AK2 and AK2i flash linkers. Users can contact their reseller for a replacement, for any issue, of a real AK2 or AK2i. Acekard does not guarantee the safe use of any firmware on a fake/clone flash linker. Acekard does not guarantee the safe use of a fake/clone Acekard on the NDS Phat, NDS Lite, NDSi or NDSi-XL. They will not offer the one year warranty for any fake carts! Please pay close attention when you're buying an Acekard. Ask your reseller questions before making your purchase.

Here is a collected list (thanks in part to Another World) of the known "good" Acekard HWIDs.

1. AK2 Green PCB pre-FAT/FAT error - HWID 40
2. AK2 Green PCB *fixed* FAT error - HWID 41
3. AK2 Green PCB, windowed CPU, FAT fix and a 2.1 sticker - HWID 41
4. AK2.1 Light/Dark Green PCB - HWID 80
5. AK2.1 Black PCB - HWID 80
6. AK2.1 Blue PCB - HWID 80
7. AK2i Black PCB - HWID 44
8. AK2i Yellow/Black PCB - HWID 81

Here is more information gathered from the AKAIO official WIKI article.
So far only the Acekard 2i has been cloned. All known Acekard 2, 2.1, and R.P.G. kits are real. The Acekard 2i's old design used a shell with a window cut out for the chip. During this stage of production the Actel chip was used. Acekard no longer produces the 2i with these features. The new generation of Acekard 2i carts have a flat back with no "window" and a small 48-pin thin controller chip called the "SST." However, in some cases the Actel chip may be found in a shell with no "window." The Acekard 2 may use the SST chip or other chips but they are all 48-pin chips.

• The chip on the back of the PCB is "Actel" or little black glue circle (this is very important).
• The chip on the front side of PCB is a 48 pins "SST" chip.
• Some batches of AK2 used other 48 pins chips, but they're all 48 pins.
• Acekards with HWIDs not listed above are clones!
• Acekard 2i Green PCB HWID 44 with a 32pin Xilinx Spartan chip is a clone!

Acekard2i GREEN PCB HWID 44 - Xilinx Spartan Chip Clone
By: --=ZerO=--

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Package - Xilinx Spartan Chip Clone
By: --=Zero=--

Image Image Image Image

--=Zero=-- has also included this information: "The Package of the clone is smaller but thicker and has only an Inlay of paper instead of the plastic Inlays my originals have. Except of the size and the Inlay the package of all 3 are the same. No misspellings or such on the clone."

Acekard2i BLACK PCB HWID 44 - EON Chip Clone
By: samurayjp

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

The 7th image is of the sticker for two different EON chipped clones with different printing.


Additional Shots
Below is a collection of other REAL Acekards. This list will be updated as often as quality photos are submitted.

Acekard R.P.G. HWID 0d Card
By: Vatoloco
Acekard R.P.G. HWID 0d Package
By: KnightFire

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Acekard 2.1 BLACK PCB HWID 80 (Before Dec 09)
By: Hakoda

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
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