Art Academy (EUR) #5164

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Art Academy (EUR) #5164

Postby fyn94 » Mon Oct 25, 2010 7:40 am

Game Title:Art Academy
Game System:NDSi
Release Number:#5164
Firmware version:AKAIO 1.8.1
Loader version:10/18/2010
Acekard type: type is 2.0/2.1/rpg/ak2i <--- fill in the correct information
Acekard HWID: why the fuck are you making funny faces for this reply? get the hwid or don't post. without the hardware ID lets us know you aren't using a clone, clones get no support. if you don't know how to find the hwid ask on gbatemp.
Description of problem:The Game can`t see that Ndsi is a Ndsi.I do not see the camera function.
Steps to reproduce: Run the rom, see the mainmenu, i do not see the camere function,
Other: additional information goes here not a damn question mark.

with all those mistakes pointed out, the debugging one which really pissed me off, you are asking for a camera function which is a DSI feature. nds flash kits run in ds mode. so actually there is no point for you to make any edits, because your trying to debug something that is not related to akaio and thus off-topic for this board. i'm adding up the warnings.
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