room during the October 14, 2018 game against the Steelers.

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room during the October 14, 2018 game against the Steelers.

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Antonio Brown will arrive in Oakland as the highest-paid receiver in football Jordan Evans Jersey White , based on a blended new-money analysis of his 2017 Steelers extension and his 2019 adjustment with the Raiders. So if $19.8 million is regarded as the new new-money high-water mark, how long Will Brown hold that distinction?Perhaps not for long.The Chiefs currently are working on a new deal for receiver Tyreek Hill, who arguably is worth $20 million per year, or more. Brown’s deal will serve only to strengthen that argument.Like Hill, Saints receiver Michael Thomas is entering the final year of his rookie deal. While the Saints have their hands tied to a certain extent by a monstrous $33.5 million cap number for Drew Brees in 2019, the 26-year-old Thomas surely will be getting a major payday Boomer Esiason Jersey White , sooner than later. Will that contract surpass Brown’s? That remains to be seen.The Cowboys have expressed a desire to extend receiver Amari Cooper‘s contract, which carries an option-year salary of $13.924 million. That’s a starting point that will make it harder to pump up the new-money numbers, but Brown’s contract definitely impacts Cooper’s situation — as does the fact that he’ll be eligible for the franchise tag next year. (For 2019, the franchise tender for receivers came in at $16.787 million.)Falcons receiver Julio Jones has been clamoring for a new contract, and the Falcons have expressed a willingness to give him one. However, with more than $20 million to be paid out over the next two years on his existing deal Carlos Dunlap Jersey White , Jones could have a hard time besting Brown under an analysis based on new money.Then there’s Bengals receiver A.J. Green, who is due to make $11.976 million this year, the final year of his contract. He’ll be getting a new deal at some point from someone, but he turns 31 later this year.Being on the wrong side of 30 didn’t keep Brown from getting paid, and it likely won’t keep Jones or Green from doing the same thing. But Hill, who just turned 25 and is due to make only $1.965 million in the final year of his contract Anthony Munoz Jersey , could be the one best suited to break the bank — and to breeze past Antonio Brown at $19.8 million in new money. The Bengals apparently need a better plan for cleaning up the inevitable fan reaction provoked by the performance of the team.According to Kevin Grasha of the , a season-ticket holder has sued for injuries sustained when he slipped and fell in the residue of an effort to clean up vomit in a bathroom stall.Scott Poston, a season-ticker holder for more than 20 years, claims that he suffered a serious shoulder injury while walking into the men’s room during the October 14, 2018 game against the Steelers. Stadium personnel allegedly had dumped a “huge amount” of substance known as “D-vour” on the pile of bile (and other contents), but then didn’t clean it up. Poston contends that fans had tracked the substance from the bathroom to the concourse Michael Johnson Jersey , and that Poston slipped on the material, falling backwards and injuring his shoulder.The lawsuit contends that Poston eventually needed total reconstructive surgery on his right shoulder, and that he is still in rehabilitation.The civil complaint names the Bengals, Hamilton County, and Aramark Business Facililties as defendants. The lawsuit alleges that the Bengals have claimed that Hamilton County is responsible for the injuries.Even if the Bengals’ play is responsible for the vomit.
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