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Read BEFORE Posting!

Postby FawkYew RTFM » Mon Apr 20, 2009 6:02 pm

Some bugs aren’t bugs at all, but user error. Which means you are required to submit as much information as humanly possible. Failure to do so may result in your thread being edited, deleted or closed.

If you wish to avoid any forum problems and expedite the solutions to your issues, be sure to try the following...

Before you even think of posting:

• Read the AKAIO WIKI
• Download the latest Loaders
• Use the search button
• Use Google to search the web
• Read posts on other forums


• Use the Panasonic formatter
• Make sure your microSD is securely inserted into your Acekard
• Try another microSD in your Acekard
• Try the microSD in another Flash Linker


• Format your microSD using the Panasonic Formatter
• Follow the AKAIO installation quick guide (found at the AKAIO WIKI)
• Delete the optionlist.bin
• Delete the globalsettings.ini
• Update AKAIO/Loaders
• Try older AKAIO loaders
• Try the official loader
• Try the ROM with patches (soft-reset, cheats, etc) turned off
• Try other dumps of a ROM (including regions, not just another hosting site)
• Try older/newer versions of Homebrew
• Verify a ROM by CRC so you know it’s clean, unpatched, unhacked, not trimmed, etc
• Try your Acekard on another NDS
• Try another Acekard (ie: AK2i, AK 2.1,R.P.G.) or contact users at to test for you.
• Try a retail game in your NDS
• Try another microSD in your Acekard
• Delete and replace files, windows 2k+ drag/drop may append and not overwrite
• Read the “readme” files included with homebrew
• Research the common problems with your Acekard
• 3in1 problems, try GBA Exploader and GBALdr. If one of those works, your problem is solved.
• Delete and replace files, windows 2k+ drag/drop may append and not overwrite
• Make use of the vast amount of information found at GBATemp’s Acekard forum.
• Try manually setting the save size (especially for R.P.G. issues).

Before posting, you are expected to type out which of the things above that you tried. You are also expected to list which you didn't try, and why you didn't try them. An example would be that you could not try your Acekard 2i on a NDSL because you don't own one.

Always remember that this is an AKAIO forum. We will not discuss problems with your Acekard, questions about cheat dats, or issues with another firmware. Such posts will be closed or deleted. These types of questions should be directed to the official Acekard forum or

Remember to keep it AKAIO related and you will do just fine.
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