Forum Rules (Read them!) [updated: 5/24/11]

Read the RULES!
General discussion of AKAIO.

Forum Rules (Read them!) [updated: 5/24/11]

Postby FawkYew RTFM » Sat Apr 25, 2009 5:29 pm

Please check back here often, these rules are updated from time to time. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for breaking them.

Welcome to the AKAIO official forums. Yes, this is the official AKAIO forum. That means that this forum is for discussions pertaining to AKAIO and nothing else.

Don't do anything yet. Before you read the rules we need you to understand that this board should be your very last stop. Spend time discussing your problem at GBATemp, in #acekard on IRC, and with friends. Fully debug all problems, and we mean FULLY, before making any posts. If everything fails, no one has a clue, and it appears to be an AKAIO bug that there is no way around, then come here.

Please Understand...
The point of this forum is to have a place to report bugs so that they can get fixed, not to discuss the bug, what might have caused it, how to get around it, what other things to test, etc, etc, etc.

Come here when all else fails, until that point stick with GBATemp or the #acekard IRC channel.

Before you begin make sure you understand How To Ask Questions The Smart Way.

What does this forum include exactly?
• AKAIO bug reports
• AKAIO suggestions
• AKAIO discussions
• ROM bug reports

What is considered off-topic?
• Flaming, Bashing, Racism, Hatred, Off-Color Jokes, etc
• Reiterating the same thing in different words within the same thread
• Asking for AKAIO BETAs and discussions of BETAs new or old
• Asking where to purchase an Acekard
• Asking for reviews, impressions, discussions about the Acekard in general (use Google)
• Discussion about AKAIO being ported to the R4
• Discussion about AKAIO loaders being used on the R4
• Any topic related to AKAIO on the R4 or the R4 using AKAIO
• Warez/ROM/ISO trading, selling, links, torrents, etc
• Spamming, advertising, personal Web site promotion, etc
• Linking to non-AKAIO related off-site content
• Adult content (any adult related material)
• Acekard specific problems not related to AKAIO
• EZ 3in1 hardware, battery, specific problems not related to AKAIO
• microSD specific problems not related to AKAIO
• Skin problems, making, etc questions not related to AKAIO
• NDS/DSI specific problems
• How-To specific questions answered in the WIKI (using the firmware, using cheats, running ROMs, etc)
• Network, Router, and WI-FI specific issues not related to AKAIO
• Cheat questions, comments, concerns, and discussions not related to AKAIO
• ROM problems, which have not been fully debugged
• Real-time saves, slow-motion, in-game guides, screen captures
• Comments, questions, complaints about the removed AKAIO plug-in system.
• Praise threads (IE: I love AKAIO, AKAIO rules, Keep up the good work, etc)
• Stupidity

To sum this up, before you post re-read your comments, if you can not keep it AKAIO specifically related than your post should not be posted!

All posts will be in English. Posts typed in another language will be removed and the user warned. All English language posts must be spell checked. Minor typ0s are allowed but obvious unedited posts will be removed.

General AKAIO Discussions:
Topics started in this section SHOULD be AKAIO related in some way. Users are allowed more freedom to express their thoughts, projects, and comments. An example would be a post about your new homebrew or a general discussion on the DSI updates in regards to AKAIO. This section is not for the general discussion of Acekard problems or attempts to debug Acekard Flash Linker problems. No suggestions or debug threads should ever be posted in this section. This section is also not for the discussion of the Acekard, how ROMs work on it, where to buy an Acekard, Praise of the Acekard and/or AKAIO, how to flash the Acekard for the DSi Firmware fixes, etc. Users who violate these rules will be warned and possibly banished. Threads that violate these rules will be closed and/or deleted.

Bug Reports:
Makes sure you familiarize yourself with the “before you post thread” and the “bug report guidelines thread.”

Research before posting…
Your questions were probably answered somewhere else. Make use of the AKAIO WIKI, the GBATemp forums, Google, and the official Acekard forums. We expect you to research your problem, fully debug, and test your issues for at least 2 days before posting. This forum will not be cluttered by useless banter, aggravatingly simple questions, user error, and stupidity.

Bug reports which do not comply with the rules listed in this thread, the rules listed in the “before you post thread” and the “bug report guidelines thread” will be edited and/or deleted. Users who post without following the rules will be warned. Users who continue to violate these rules will be warned and possibly banished.

Understanding the AKAIO WIKI…

AKAIO’s official WIKI is hosted at It is an incredibly complete and highly detailed article. Most, if not all, of your questions will be answered by reading the WIKI and its subsequent F.A.Q section. Links to the most up-to-date firmware and loaders can be found in the WIKI. General “how-to” information, setup, usage, and debugging can also be found in the WIKI.

If you ask a question already answered in the WIKI your posts will be deleted and you will be warned. Repeat offenders can expect to be swiftly banished from this forum.

After reading the AKAIO WIKI at least 3 times, you must fully debug, before submitting a bug report.

Fully debugging…
Make sure you try each of the following before you submit a bug report:
• Format your microSD using the Panasonic formatter
• If using a DSi and AK2i, flash the most current DSi exploit
• Follow the AKAIO installation quick guide (found at the AKAIO WIKI)
• Update your AKAIO firmware
• Update the AKAIO loaders
• Try older AKAIO loaders
• Try the official firmware/loader(s)
• Delete optionlist.bin and globalsettings.ini
• Read the “readme” files included with homebrew
• Verify your ROMs are clean dumps, by CRC
• Verify your ROMs are not trimmed
• Research the common problems with your Acekard
• Try your microSD in another Flash Linker, try another microSD in your Acekard
• Try your Acekard in another NDS
• Try another Acekard (ie: AK2i, AK 2.1,R.P.G.) or contact users at to test for you.
• Try other dumps of the ROM (other regions, not other hosting sites)
• Try older/newer verisons of homebrew
• Try placing all homebrew files in ROOT
• Try contacting the homebrew author and asking questions
• Try the ROM with patches (soft-reset, cheats, etc) turned off
• Try the ROM with AP patching disabled
• Try manually setting the save size (especially for R.P.G. issues).
• Delete any .SAV files
• Try a retail game cart on your NDS
• 3in1 problems, try GBA Exploader and GBALdr. If one of those works, your problem is solved.
• Delete and replace files, windows 2k+ drag/drop may append and not overwrite
• Make use of the vast amount of information found at GBATemp’s Acekard forum.
• ETC, ETC, ETC...

Once you have tried everything above (and more) and you are 100% positive the only remaining condition is the newest AKAIO firmware and/or loaders, then please submit your bug reports.

Users who submit a bug report without fully debugging will be banned for 1 full week without warning. Make sure you fully debug before you submit your bug report and that you let us know by filling in the "debugged" field. The staff may randomly test your bug reports to determine their accuracy. If your bugs simply are not bugs you will be banned for as long as we see fit. We are sick of people who can not take the time to fully debug their problems and who simply assume everything is an AKAIO issue.

Normal group users are not allowed to comment in bug report threads, this includes holding discussions, debugging, posting an "I can confirm this" follow-up, etc. If you find that a bug report can be easily solved and that the report stems from user error then report the thread. Please remember, the idea is to host all fully debugged bug reports in 1 place so that problems with AKAIO can be fixed. The point of this forum is not to hold discussions and attempt to "debug" your problems step by step with the aid of other users. Remember that this is a "bug report" section and not a "bug discussion" section. Normal group users who post follow up comments, no matter the relevance, will be warned and have their comments removed.

Users who find that the fix Normmatt states to have been applied to an update, does not work, are allowed to comment on such. This is beneficial to the forum and allows Normmatt to double check his work. Please make sure you fully debug a second time before making additional comments. Users who reply to their own bug report thread without fully debugging a second time will be banned for 1 week, without warning.

Users who reply to a bug report stating that they are experiencing the same issues must have new information to add. Users who simply state the same problem is happening for them will be warned.

On occasion a "blue" group user may respond and not get warned, scolded, or have their comments deleted. This user group is the "friends of AKAIO, and BETA testers" group. They are allowed to comment, because they are not idiots and thus get free reign of this forum.

Threads which have been confirmed by a "blue" group user to be user error, shown to not be a bug, or commented by Normmatt or Smiths as being fixed, will be locked. The thread will remain until a new loader or version of AKAIO is released to the public which addresses the issue. In some cases the thread will be deleted.

With each new loader update and public release of AKAIO threads in the bug report section will be deleted. Older loaders and versions of AKAIO are not supported by Normmatt and Smiths. Older loaders and versions of AKAIO should be used as debugging tools only. Bug reports which do not list the current loaders or version of AKAIO as having been tested will be deleted.

If you are submitting an AKAIO firmware suggestion, please make sure the topic was not already made. Be sure to check the "Compiled List" stickie to see if your suggestion was already posted! Keep in mind that screen captures, real-time saves, and in-game guides will not be added to AKAIO unless the official Acekard team works out the specifics. Direct those questions to Please note that as of AKAIO v1.5 the plug-in system has been removed. Do not post discussions about it, it is gone for good.

If you make a suggestion topic, you are only permitted to post your suggestions in the first thread. This includes multiple suggestions posted over the course of a day or a weekend. The AKAIO devs do not need to dig through your topics to find multiple suggestions which may have come about from in-thread discussions. Users who come up with additional or multiple suggestions must edit their first post if they wish to incorporate these new suggestion ideas. Remember that all of your suggestions must be in the same thread and you will be OK.

Remember that suggestions must be firmware related. Asking for the integration of an audio MP3 player, for example, is considered a very bad suggestion. Such suggestions will get you warned. Repeated offenses will get you banned.

Making suggestions for the implementation of enhancements which do nothing but make you less lazy are not permitted. An example of such a suggestion would be an automatic cheat menu pop-up before ROM loading. These types of suggestions are things one would like in their personal build of AKAIO. However, a suggestion for the implementation of a ROM trimming button is a good suggestion. The user many not always be able to distinguish what the staff would consider a good or bad suggestion. If you are unsure, PM a Moderator and ask before posting.

Users who comment on suggestions are not allowed to post praise comments. Telling the user their idea is good or bad is not an appropriate continuation of the suggestion discussion. Adding "+1" as a follow-up is not an appropriate continuation of the discussion either! Users should instead debate if the suggestion is a good or bad idea by considering all of the facts. Consider what AKAIO already does, what the Acekard is capable of doing, and how important the suggestion is to furthering the effectiveness of the AKAIO firmware. Users who post praise comments will be warned, posts will be edited/deleted without notice.

Users are not allowed to hijack another user's thread with their own bug reports, suggestions, etc. Users who hijack threads will be warned and possibly banished.

Things to keep in mind:
Do not piss us off, seriously! We are not here to be your e-buddy or fight an e-battle with you. This forum is designed to collect and discuss bugs and suggestions in the efforts to make AKAIO better than it is. Your off-topic opinions, comments, and flames do not matter to us. We will not indulge you; we will remove your account.

We are intelligent people. We understand that you can over look something and we realize you are not experts on the Acekard or the AKAIO firmware. You might see something as a bug, which is not and is actually very easy to fix. We will not attack you for these mistakes.

IRC chatting:
You can join us for conversations which are off-topic from this board at #acekard on the GBATemp IRC network.

/server :5190 or /server :5190
/join #acekard

Sometimes images are required to get your point across. They may be needed to demonstrate a specific bug or as a mock up for a possible suggestion. When images are posted to the forum they must be no lager than 300hx250w. Any larger images must make use of thumbnail BBCode tags. Users who do post images incorrectly will be warned and possibly banished. Please report all threads with incorrect image formatting to a Moderator.

All images should be hosted on a dedicated server and not a free Internet hosting site. Images not hosted on a dedicated server will eventually be purged thus making an old post in this forum useless. We recommend The service is free to all GBATemp members, images will be hosted indefinitely, and external linking to other forums is allowed.


Thumbnail code:
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All personal account signatures will follow all rules established thus far. Accounts which have offensive signatures will be warned and possibly deleted. Users should refrain from adding images to their signatures. While the use of images is not (at this time) against the rules, it is distractive. Keep in mind that this forum was established for the sole purpose of bettering the AKAIO firmware and not for your own personal expression.

Do not Private Message the Mods/Admins and bitch about a warning, having your thread closed, having your thread edited/deleted, etc. We moderate this forum the way we see fit. The idea is to keep this forum flowing for the good of AKAIO and not to grant every 10yr old a soap box to spill their personal grudges about our policies. PMing in violation of these rules is an instant 1 week ban, a 2nd offense is a 30 day ban, a 3rd offense is a permanent ban.

Do not threaten or abuse other members via PM. If you receive a solicitation PM, a threatening PM, an abusive PM, etc, please report it. PMs will follow all of the rules established thus far. Users who violate the rules will either be warned or banished from the forum.

Praise Threads:
Do not post praise about AKAIO. It is nice to see a thank you, however, these threads take up space and clutter the board. If you wish to say thanks to Normmatt or Smiths, drop them a PM on this board or over at GBATemp.

Praise threads will be deleted with out warning. Repeat offenders will be warned.

Warning Levels:
Break a rule, piss us off, go off-topic, act out, etc - get warned. It is that simple.
For every topic that must be closed*, deleted, edited - get warned.
For any abusive PM sent to others - get warned.
Are you getting it yet? If not - get warned.

Any user who accumulates more than 9 warnings will be subject to a 7 day ban. Users who receive more than 14 warnings will be banned for 30 days. Users who can not behave will be banned permanently from the forum. You can avoid warnings by familiarizing yourself with the rules of this forum, acting like an adult, thinking before you type, etc. Being ignorant to the rules is not an excuse for breaking them.

Some users may be warned as a means to bring a problem to their attention (IE: not debugging properly). Those warnings will be set to expire after 90 days. During that 3 month period users will be subject to warning level bans. Warnings which have been removed automatically will never count towards a users 'total warning level'.

*Please note that completed topics which have been resolved and thus get closed are not subject to a warning. Warnings are for posts which must be closed from the start due to a lack of an understanding of this board's rules.

Attachments must be archived in the smallest form possible. 7z is preferred for all attachments. External linking to attachments uploaded to other hosting sites is not permitted. Use the AKAIO Forums' attachment feature for all required attachments.

Deleted/Moved Threads
We reserve the right to delete any off-topic threads as we see fit. Really stupid threads will get responded to, locked, and moved to the "what not to do" sub forum. If you noticed that a bug report or suggestion thread was removed it could be because the “thing” was fixed/added in a new version of AKAIO or into a loader update. Please do not repost those topics. If you are new to the forum and you notice that your thread was removed, please contact a moderator and ask why. Reposting a thread will only get you warned.

Editing a MODerated Post
Users who edit a moderated post, who do not correct their mistakes, will be warned. Users who edit a moderated post and put back in the information which was removed will be banished. This includes incorrectly formatted bug reports, external file linking, inappropriate images, etc.

Moderating Policy Explained
Moderating this board so tightly is not done to anger the end-user. We want to collect all properly debugged bug reports and during that process we attempt to respect all users’ as individuals expressing their opinions, knowledge, and thoughts. However, we will often attack users who ask questions without proper research. Since the creation of this board, many users do not agree with our moderating policies. Those same users, obviously enough, have added nothing to this board. Their bug reports were not fully debugged and thus served no purpose towards making AKAIO better. Their suggestions were for off-topic issues or completely unrelated to making AKAIO better. Such users were duly warned and their posts were removed without discussion. We will never apologize for our moderating policies and in the end this is OUR site to moderate as we see fit. Users who do not like our policies are advised to use Normmatt, Smiths, and the BETA testers frequent and are aware of AKAIO related discussions which go on there. will usually not moderate your posts, opinions, or discussions. is the perfect testing ground for debugging discussions, which when completed can be formatted and posted at

Complete, properly debugged, and correctly formatted bug reports allow the developers of AKAIO to quickly track down issues. The more testing the user does and the more precise the bug report the quicker a problem can be fixed. The quicker problems can be fixed the sooner a new version of AKAIO is released. In our eyes, it really is that simple.

In closing, use this board as an area to post your properly debugged bug reports. In turn we can use this board as a means to collect data to help better AKAIO. We will moderate the board as to enhance the goal of making AKAIO better for everyone.
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before you post:
read the rules thread
read the "before you post" thread
read about how to properly report a bug
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