South Africa and FIFA 2010

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South Africa and FIFA 2010

Postby hanliang » Mon Sep 28, 2015 5:44 pm

A new and significant interpretation given to the FIFA World Cup 2010 is that this international event may seek to lessen the racial difference in South Africa. Although the official racial differences ended long ago yet the nation has been plagued constantly with this issue.

National leaders are trying to use this international event to combine the blacks and whites. The national flag is seen in all neighborhoods irrespective of the racial origin. Every single person is memorizing the national anthem and the demand for the tickets is on an ever increasing curve. The president of south Africa Jacob Zuma is impressed by this display of communal harmony. Wearing the national football jersey he wishes to promote the concept of peace and harmony in areas other than sports. The idea of using sports to propagate the idea of national harmony beyond the barriers of races is not new. When the apartheid period was active in South Africa the activists used sports mut 16 coins as a medium to protest against this racism. The activists urged the various sporting committees to place a ban against an all white team of the nation.

They tasted their first success when for the first time an all white South African team got banned from the game of cricket in 1968. Following this the entire world saw the exclusion from The 1970 Olympics. Finally the ban from the FIFA committee in 1976 came as no surprise to anyone. With the commencement of the unforgettable era of Nelson Mandela in the year of 1994, the world saw the nation coming back into the field of international sports. Mandela himself sought to unify the races via sports by wearing a Springboks jersey for the rugby final.

Even with all this effort the present day country is still in two halves. Whites prefer rugby and cricket and hence the national rugby team mut coins sale showcased 13 madden 16 coins white players with no player from black descent. Although the Whites prefer watching the European league when it comes to football; yet from this June 11 to the July 11 the entire nation will hold hands together for the victory of their country.
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Re: South Africa and FIFA 2010

Postby Aiden Bickersteth » Fri Mar 15, 2019 10:49 pm

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